The goal: To inspire and continue to change lives one lipstick at a time.

              Ever since I was a little girl, I was highly infatuated with makeup and the idea of making people look and feel beautiful. It was always my goal to make people feel happier after spending time with me. As I was growing up I realized I could turn it into a career and it was like I had an epiphany. Make people happy and feel beautiful? Im in! As a kid/teenager, I used to go to the MAC counter in Staten Island and I would learn as much as I could from the artists, they were always so kind to me and I'll never forget how good they made me feel. From then, I always knew I wanted to be a MAC girl so I worked hard….REALLY HARD to get that job. Without any “real” experience prior to my interviews, its safe to say I bombed my first few because I couldn’t get that wing liner and bold lip right. However, that didn’t discourage me, it only motivated me more. I signed up to the prestigious NYC Makeup-Designory school and took their ‘Beauty’ course which took a little over a month to complete. After graduation, I went back to MAC and said “Hey, I finally learned winged eyeliner, can we try this again?” haha. They saw my persistence and admired me for it. So I interviewed again and I finally…FINALLY got the job! (Only took 4 tries, haha - I was 19 years old)

             I worked for MAC for 5 years and gained an immense amount of skills and confidence through this company but it was time to move forward. I was struggling hard with trying to find ways to get into the film and tv industry while working at MAC, TV and Film was the ultimate goal. I remember I used to vocalize a lot how much I wanted to build a career in that industry and peers always told me "it's too hard to get in there, you'll never make it, it's over saturated." And I would always reply with "but if they can make it, why can't I? Why can't all of us make it?" That never stopped me. I made a promise to myself that who ever has supported me through this wild journey, they are coming with me, and I'm keeping that promise.

                 One day, my boyfriend George (who was interning at Maury and Trisha) called me and said “Hey, can you work at the Maury Show and do SPFX tomorrow morning?” You know I dropped everything I was doing and made it there. Through working at “The Maury Show” and “The Trisha Goddard Show”…my Production Manager Michelle left and went to another company. Its really true when people say “you can meet one person and it leads to more opportunities,” you really just never know what could happen.

                I was still working for MAC at this time and then one day I get a call saying “hey, I need you 3 days for a pilot and its for MTV.” - Sure enough I did it and heard nothing for months.  One day, I received a call asking me to work two weeks on “Hack my Life” doing Hair and Makeup. I knew I couldn’t work full time at MAC and work the two weeks on this show. I immediately put my notice in and took the job. It was a huge leap of faith because I lost amazing benefits, had no idea how I was going to pay any of my bills or live after those two weeks were over but it was a risk I was willing to take — Those two weeks lasted 2 months, which turned into years. These opportunities have led me down the path of becoming the lead Makeup Artist for many more televison shows that air world wide including Momsters, I’d Kill For You, Pandora’s Box, Shadow of Doubt and many more - as well as working for Mariah Carey’s Holiday Sketchtacular for "Funny or Die" & Russell Simmons.

               In a perfect world, I could take every job offered to me but I can’t be in two places at the same time. So over the years I have built an incredible team of Makeup Artists that I lead with all ranges of experience from glamour to sfx. A big thank you to my second in line artist, Kristen. You are my rock and I am so proud to have you on my team.

              In 2017 I have added my dream job; WWE to my client roster as well as continuing to work on many television and film projects and many weddings with my team of amazing make up artist. I am always doing my research on makeup, the latest trends and how to continuously make peoples experiences amazing. I love being able to share things with all of you via: Instagram, Facebook and my website because if one person can learn something everyday from me, then I’m doing my job of helping and inspiring.

              I am now looking into working with charities and animal shelters and always trying to find ways to give back and help people. I have a major love for animals and will continue to rescue and help them find better homes. When not working, you’ll find me at home spending time with my little ones, my toy yorkies Pixie and Rocky, and my 2 crazy and lovable birds, Pumpkin the Sun Conure and the newsest addition Lily the Cockatoo.

             If there is one thing you can take away with you after reading this, its: Take every job you can, never say no or “I can’t” - find a way, youtube it, google it , reach out to others for help, do your research! You can even email me for advice.. try anything, do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You can make it happen. If you fail, keep pushing for it, never give up. I will continue my journey always trying to find new ways to improve and expand my brand and continue to change lives one day at a time. Dreams DO come true :)

"I'm not trying to stand out or be different. I just go by what I'm attracted to, doing what comes naturally to me and doing things my way." - Joanna Dee


TV & Film

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

  • Wrestlemania 34
  • Summerslam 
  • Monday Night RAW
  • Smackdown

Netflix - "Orange Is The New Black"

Kids Universal- "Get Out of My Room"

Fox  News

Fox Sports

Funny or Die- "Mariah Carey Holiday Sketchtacular"

History- "This Day in History"

Lifetime- "My First Time"

A&E- "In Bed With Simon"

A&E- "Snap Chat"

FYI- "Home Made" 

ID Discovery-"Money Lies and Power"

Russel Simmons Interview - "Masters of HipHop"

Fusion TV- "Sex Right Now"

Web series- "St@rt Talkin"

ID Discovery- "Shadow Of Doubt"

ID Discovery- "Pandora's Box"

Lifetime- "Jon Benet Ramsey Special"

ID Discovery- "True Crime with Aphrodite Jones"

ID Discovery- "Momsters" s2

ID Discovery- "I'd Kill For You" s3

VICE - Beau Willimon- Creator of "House of Cards" interview

TLC- "Suddenly Rich"

NBC- "Hamilton"

History- "Alone" - The Reunion

"100 Acres of Hell" - movie trailer 

Comedy Central- "The Larry Wilmore Show"

Troma- "Return to Nuke Em High" vol2

TLC- "Hack My Life" s1

"The Maury Show"

"The Trisha Show"

Big Brother



Toyota of Scranton 

  • Puppy Love - Featured ACTRESS
  • Big Sister
  • Taking You Home
  • Happy Holidays
  • Back to School

Music Video

Gia Farrell-  "Original Sin"

Circa Survice-  "Schema"

Mates of State- "Song of The Fall"

Acey Slade and The Dark Party- "Grave of the Fireflies"